From Mists of Riov. The Demon Angel

The Demon Angel is a hostile mob from Mists of Riov. It has 1500 health, shoots fireballs extremly quick, and has one of the longest wings ever seen on a mob. If you go to Youtube, and type "DEMON ANGEL VS WITHER BOSS" or "DEMON ANGEL VS DIAMOND, OBSIDIAN, AND GOLD GOLEMS" you will have unique background of their fightining style.(SPOILERS) In the Demon angel vs Wither boss, The Demon Angel is not immune to Wither effect but with 1500 health, seriously, no way that can kill him. (Please add Photos or Videos, Im begging you!) (This will show how strong he is, seriously. He can fly, but not the way you think. He sort of "Flyhovers" to fly.If you know more about the mobs of Mists of Riov, put them in either Passive or Hostile. Thanks!! :D